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What PR Can Do for a Company
Public relations provides organizations with a voice to reach a variety of publics. Most large companies retain public relations professionals, either internally or externally, to assist them in their communications efforts. Whether an organization is a Fortune 500 company, a smaller professional firm, a government agency, or a non-profit organization, there is a benefit to having an objective, independent point of view in working towards the group’s communications objectives.
By accessing and interpreting public opinion, public relations counselors can develop effective communications plans that can heighten an organization's effectiveness, enhance its public opinion or change it altogether. Here are some of the ways a public relations firm can help:
Provide an external, objective viewpoint or perspective
Increase an organization's overall visibility
Support a product or entire marketing effort
Counsel in a crisis
Communicate with employees
Inform investors (a regulatory requirement)
Strengthen community relations
Interface with government agencies
Critique existing organization policies as they affect public relations goals
Measure and evaluate existing public relations programs
Bring new skills to support and augment existing public relations efforts