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“Ology” Series
National Media Campaign
Santa Monica, CA-based Macerich Company surveyed shoppers nationwide in 1998 to obtain holiday shopping and spending patterns. Lovell Public Relations positioned the results and distributed materials to the media in time for holiday retail stories. The success of the Holiday-ology survey became the catalyst for the two-year “Ology” series, a research-based initiative positioning Macerich and its malls as a shopping authority.
To engage the media’s interest in each survey.
To further position Macerich as a seasonal shopping authority.
Created consistency for the series by using “ology” in the title of each survey, including Cupid-ology" for Valentine's Day; "Mom-ology" for Mother's Day; “Old Glory-ology” for the summer patriotic holidays; “Student-ology" for back-to-school; "Boo-ology" for Halloween; and “Holiday-ology” for Christmas and Hanukah.
Mailed teaser cards to the media to create anticipation for the survey results.
Provided the media with solid research results as well as holiday trivia to assist in their story development.
Developed innovative positioning and packaging for each survey.
Incorporated the results in a press release for distribution to retail, lifestyle and general news reporters.
Customized the news releases for local media by inserting local facts and figures along with information on holiday-related mall events.
Surveyed over 30,500 shoppers nationwide during the first year alone.
Reached an audience of over 1.048 billion people worldwide.
Secured 5,000 newspaper and magazine articles in publications such as USA Today, American Demographics, The Wall Street Journal, and Los Angeles Times.
Received broadcast media coverage including a national feed on USA Networks, CBS Market Watch and BBC Television North America.
Developed relationships between the mall owner and the media that have proven to be valuable outside of the scope of this campaign.
Continued receiving media usage and interest in retail statistics after the initial campaign was complete.
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Lovell Public Relations secured close to 5,000 articles in publications such as USA Today, American Demographics and The Wall Street Journal, as well as extensive broadcast coverage throughout the Ology series.