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Honeysuckle White’s “More to Share”
Kick-off Event/Media Campaign
Honeysuckle White was seeking promotional opportunities for its Thanksgiving campaign “More to Share,” which donates turkeys to food banks across the country. Lovell Public Relations saw the program as a timely opportunity to create a fun and visually appealing publicity stunt at a super regional mall in Dallas, TX, while benefiting local non-profit organizations. For the past six years, the firm has worked with the "More to Share" initiative to stage a lighthearted competition at the mall with local celebrities and media personalities carving or “dressing” a turkey.
To establish the turkey event as the official holiday kick-off in Dallas.
To secure local celebrities and media personalities to participate in the event each year.
To create awareness of and secure donations for local nonprofit organizations.
Created a competition in which celebrities “dress” turkeys based on each year’s theme.
Announced Honeysuckle White’s turkey donation while promoting the nonprofit and its holiday food drive.
Secured participation of local celebrities and media personalities.
Partnered with various nonprofits each year to allow different groups to benefit.
Received strong media coverage every year, including national coverage through satellite feeds.
Generated the strongest results for Honeysuckle White in comparison to other markets.
Secured over 25,000 pounds of turkey from Honeysuckle White for Dallas food banks during the past six years.
Collected an additional 30,000 pounds of food for nonprofits by providing the groups with a venue and resources to promote their food drives.
Established the event as the official holiday kick-off in Dallas.
Recognized by the International Council of Shopping Centers as a MAXI Award finalist for marketing excellence in public relations.
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One of the judges, Annette Ponce of the Dallas Fire Department (left), and emcee Scott Murray of NBC 5 pose with the 2002 Best Dressed Turkey winner, Tara Schneider of The Wolf 99.5 and her "Wolfalinda Turkeylegs."
Photo: David Lawrence